Jeff Conlin

At 3 years old, Jeff Conlin had expressed more than a passing interest in banging on his grandmother's piano keys, tinkering with computers, and dancing around to the disco and Motown records that were always spinning in his parents' living room in Bowie, MD. They sacrificed and nurtured his interests with some expensive Christmas gifts over the years, yet never pushed him into taking lessons. By 18, he was well versed in both music technology and performance, using computers and synth workstations in his own songs, as well as touring the east coast with neo-Christian rock/rap band JLM and Virginia ska/jazz band The Swingers.

After having all of his gear stolen after a gig, feeling creatively burned out, and getting sick of the technological cutting edge, he switched directions, bought a used Hammond organ and Leslie speaker, and started listening to the likes of Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Billy Preston, etc. Soon after, he started playing jams in the DC/Baltimore area, and sat in with a variety of blues, soul, and funk bands. Jeff is a regular member of the WBB, and also contributes regularly to area session work and numerous club dates. Jeff is considered one of the areas best (and busiest) keyboard players.